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"Evolve is the best training
facility I have used"
GQ Magazine, 2016

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Evolve Personal Training in the City of London

Evolve Fitness is the go-to personal training company in the City of London for no-nonsense, effective personal training.

The City of London contains hundreds of gyms with thousands of members, yet it is rare to meet someone who is truly happy with their fitness or body composition.

But we think it’s down to one simple fact –Too many trainers don’t care enough.

Evolve began as a body transformation company mainly focusing on city men wanting to change their lifestyle in 12 weeks. Using our unique blend of strong man, free weights and functional methods of training, we quickly built a global reputation.

Our body transformations have featured in many national fitness and lifestyle magazines. In fact, one of our clients was the focus of the most read article in Esquire magazines history.

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What Evolve Offers

In 2016 we opened the Evolve Gym to bring our passionate ethos to everyone as we quickly realised that women can mix it with the boys when it comes to training hard to achieving exceptional results. Evolve Fitness personal training is one of the largest personal training studios in the city with over 4000 sqft of gym space.  The gym was set up as an antidote to the usual chain gyms that pepper the city and is equipped so that the client can reach all their training goals in an environment that inspires success.

Personal Training


Personal Training

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Group Training





12 Week Body Transformation

Pride of place in our arsenal is our world famous 12 Week Body Transformation, as detailed in Esquire magazine’s most read article ever. The gold standard in personal training packages. We will take over your life for 12 weeks, telling you what to eat, how to lift, how to stay on track when times get tough. You will train 3-4 times per week. It will be one of the toughest experiences of your life. But you will, without exaggeration, be a new person by the time we’re done with you. If you’re ready to commit or want to find out more CHAT TO US NOW

Less intensive training packages are also available, just ask.

Group Training

We also offer a 12 Week Group Transformation package for those who don’t feel the need for personal training but still want to get in the shape of their lives alongside like-minded individuals. A powerful group atmosphere is a proven motivator, and you can’t beat the moral support of a strong peer group. Strong bodies are forged here, but so are strong friendships.

Evolve also offers boxing classes run by personal trainers and professional boxers, which blend with our own strongman methods. These classes operate on a “show up and play” basis, should you just decide that today you want to train hard with the best.

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

Socrates said that, and if he wasn’t dead a thousand years he could have been talking about Evolve Fitness. We believe that men and women deserve mastery of their own body, pride in their physique and cast iron self-confidence, regardless of their starting point.

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Most people hire a personal trainer to look and feel better, but simply hiring a trainer does not guarantee an athletic body. Your trainer needs to eat, sleep and breathe your results; Your trainer must be obsessed with improving your physique and quality of life. That is our promise and our mission.

In your time at Evolve, you will train with each of us as we believe the breadth and variety of our expertise is a huge feature of our service. However, just one of our world class trainer will take responsibility for your overall results. They will be the one texting you at weekends to ensure you’re still on track. They will be the ones poring over your food diary and losing sleep about the best diet for you so that you can simply follow the plan.


Here at Evolve, we boast the largest and best-equipped private gym in the city centre. We have climbing ropes and strongman equipment. Punchbags and free weights. Kettlebells and a running track.

But unlike a standard health club, you will never be packed into a corner surrounded by sweaty people hobbling on treadmills: Our gym is arranged to offer maximum results with plenty of open space and is easily accessible from Blackfrairs, St. Pauls, Temple, Chancery Lane or Fleet Street.

“Fantastic facilities, excellent trainers and a really great atmosphere. First class in all respects.”
Owain Draper, Barrister – Temple chambers

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