Unlike other drop-in classes the Warrior box classes encourage what you do outside to mirror your approach in the class. We change bodies, and we know just showing up a few times a week is not good enough to guarantee you that powerful athlete physique.

When you do your first drop-in class, you not only don a pair of gloves and shed sweat but you invite Evolve to guide your lifestyle. When you train with us, you will get results, unlike any other class you have done before because we give you the tools outside the gym to make sure you excel inside the gym.

Sign up, drop in and destroy all your fitness goals with zero tolerance.

The class will be a boxing based conditioning class aimed at those wanting to learn technique and improve fitness in a massive way.  The classes will be based around the following styles of training and powered by the Evolve training philosophies:

  • heavy bag work and drills
  • Pad work
  • Standard boxing conditioning training such as burpees, shadow boxing and skipping
  • Unconventional “warrior” style training using tires, sledgehammers, ropes and beer kegs

Classes are available throughout the week: morning, noon and night, so there really is no excuse not to get your Rocky on!

Classes are 50 minutes long and run at the following time slots:

Classes cost