At Evolve we are lucky enough to boast the biggest private training studio in the square mile and our no nonsense approach to training means that we know the best kit for both trainers and their clients.  The gym has a coffee and smoothie bar for refreshments which is a comfortable place to chill before or after training.

We know that you need to be able to move around without feeling constricted and the open plan interior allows just that even with the amount of training kit that we have at our disposal:

  • 8 power racks
  • 10 training benches
  • Dumbbells 1-40kg
  • Leg press
  • Lying leg curl and leg extension machine
  • 4 heavy cable machines
  • Tire, sledgehammer, prowler, sleds and battling ropes
  • Treadmill, rower and spin bike
  • Olympic rings and 5m climbing ropes
  • 2000sqft astroturfed training area separate from main gym
  • Wide 25m astroturf sprint/sled track
  • Heavy boxing bags
  • Strong man area